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Strings app~

Out Of Character Information
Name: Gaa | [[personal profile] ninthphilosophy]
Age: 24
Time zone: GMT-4, or EST.
Contact: totallynotgaa @AIM, gaakishi @plurk
Anything we should know?: ;o

In Character Information
Name: Jungo Torii
Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Canon Standing: (We want to know at what point in the game your character was picked. )
Age: Nineteen.
Birthday & Astrology Sign: October 16th; Libra.
Arcana: Strength.

(This should describe how your character interacts with others and how he or she feels about certain things and situations. This takes a look into the heart and soul of your character, and it will help us understand him/her. Try and flesh this character out as much as you can to show that you really understand them. A good way to divide this section up would be: usual moods, interaction with others, and interactions with friends.)

no social mask
friend-focused, group-first
not focused on self
easygoing and relaxed
modest ambitions- to be a chef
high wis
oddly philosophical, and worries about proportionate things first
literally cannot handle his friends fighting each other, or someone trying to hurt them
considers contacted demons friends
but how does he view himself? does he view himself at all...? "jungo is jungo"?
sleepwalks and a heavy dreamer
altruistic and helpful
quiet, rarely offers his opinion unless asked or asking a question
doesn't expect anything out of people

(Your character's in-game history, how he/she grew up, and what happened right up until the moment they were "called.” You can also link to a wiki page with your charcter's history.)

Canon Powers:
(List ALL your character's powers, or provide a link to them. When you do, give them a skill subset (elemental, strike, mind or almighty). You may just use one for all of the skills, as long as it is not almighty. If you aren't sure, improvise and guess approximately.)

Canon Weapons|Items:
(Same deal, list any weapon they might have and elemental subsets they might have.)
his knife
whatever his comp skills are??????????

Canon Allies:
(This is for the demon tamers/pokemon trainers/characters who canonly have other creature assisting them. No matter how many they have, you are limited in bringing SIX of them so please do not list any more than that.)

Canon Baggage:
(List approximately what the character will be bringing with them. You are allowed one large item that is iconicly associated with them (so pilots could bring their robot, batman could bring his car). Mods have the final say on what you bring, but for the most part we will be alright. Just keep in mind you are living in a 1 1/2 apartment. Without parking.)
JUNGO (cat)

WEAK: | REFLECTS: (if any) | ABSORBS: (if any) | BLOCKS: (if any) | RESISTS: (if any)

▶ Double Fangs Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage twice on one enemy.
▶ Rakukaja Increases an ally's Defense.
▶ Gale Slash Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on all enemies.
▶ Matarukaja Increases all allies' Attack.
▷ Vicious Strike Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage on all enemies.
▷ Tetrakarn Repels a single Physical attack for one ally.
▷ Tetraja Protects an ally from an instant KO attack once.
▷ Primal Force Inflicts a severe amount of Physical damage on one enemy.
★ Mutation Skill (You can make up something here not on the list and fitting. Mutation skills will be unlocked during special events)

▶ Apt Pupil Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.
▷ Fear Boost Fear-based attacks are 1.5 times more effective.
▷ Unshaken Spirit Becomes immune to all phsycial attacks.

1st Person Example
(Give us an example of your character's post here as if they were posting on the network. We allow video, text and audio, but be sure to showcase your character to us! We might refuse the sample of it does not.)

3rd Person Example
(Give us an example of your character's post here in third person, prose style. Make it about their new life in Hinoto-Ri and how they are cooping with it.)